Being Human

Suzy Hotrod motivation

As part of my development as a coach and an athlete, I have decided that I need to be brutally honest with myself and to everyone else (not WITH everyone else … I already have a hard time reigning it in sometimes, I certainly don’t need to up my intensity).

That being said, I have had a round two weeks. January I was doing amazing in all aspects of my life. I was super positive, I was sharing my rainbows and enthusiasm with everyone. It felt amazing and I was doing amazing. Then I started hitting some bumps in the road.

And it was ok! I can handle this!! Be positive! Don’t complain. Chin up, moving forward! I totally got this! February is going to be the best month EVAR.

And then Abbey got sick. And then things with school got out of hand. Then I started to lose control of my eating. And that is what really did it. Everything else felt like it spiraled out of my control as soon as my nutrition did.

I can honestly say that I have found a direct correlation (for me) between slumps in mood and energy being related to my consumption of carbohydrates.

I will not get into the gritty details but I will say this: I have been on steady decline into this mudhole of a slump for the last 10 days. Yesterday I decided I wanted to start clawing my way out but it is not easy. Especially when you feel like you’re getting sick, when you feel tired all the time, when it’s grey and rainy out and when you feel like you cannot take care of yourself or the ones you love.


So why am I posting this?

To let you know that I am human. I do my best. I try hard, but I also go through my struggles. It will make me a better coach in the end because I know what it’s like to be knocked off of a high. I know what it’s like to climb back out of the despair and the depression. I know that a workout plan or a nutrition plan can easily derail, but I’m here to tell you that it can be set easily back on the tracks.

Instead of pushing away how I feel I am trying to really feel it and understand it. In order to get myself out of it I am declaring to the whole of the interwebs that I will not be held back by this. I am getting back on my strict nutrition and resetting my goals. I will not fail this time. I will be stronger for me so that I can be stronger for you.

#MakeItGreat #GET2013

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