The Knee, the Updates, the New Year

It is December 29. It is snowing and I am completely overwhelmed at the amount of stuff I am supposed to have done in the next four days. However, get it done, I must. Before so I thought I’d do an update here.

About 2 months ago, I set up a series of goals to hit over the course of my knee recovery. I’m pleased to say that I have hit many of them… The last set of goals was:

  1. Use the bike to complete 70 miles (cumulatively) on level 7 resistance  — Did not do this. I got so bored on the bike, and there were many days that I did my workouts at home so I never made it to the gym.
  2. Use the elliptical machine to complete 40 miles on level 6 resistance – I got 30 miles in during one week on resistance 4. Again, not being at the gym didn’t help this goal.
  3. Run outdoors (I don’t care what the temperature is) for 30 minutes one day – Did this the day before Thanksgiving! Well before it was scheduled
  4. Complete 25 one-minute plyometric exercises, with a focus on side-to-side motion – Totally done several times.
  5. Increase weight on all strength training workouts – I can now leg press 60 pounds with individual legs, my upper body has increased weight 5 times since I started too.
  6. Complete 250 pushups (cumulatively) – Ok. Slacked on this. I do about 120 push ups a week.
  7. Complete 30 minutes of derby position (cumulatively) – YES! Did this during my skating session!! My quads are so sore
  8. Complete 60 minutes of Bosu work (cumulatively) – Bosu was buried for a few weeks, but I’m back to it.
  9. Complete an extended Skid/Shrap “Derby Calisthenics” workout 4 times – Hell to the yes.
  10. Cardio should be done 6 days, strength should be done 4 days – Ok, I do my best to hit this. The snow has made it difficult, but I am working out daily.

BENCHMARK 4: After being able to walk, run and cut comfortably and with no knee pain… I CAN GET BACK ON MY SKATES ………………………..
Been able to skate the last few weeks. This week was the first time that my knee felt completely normal as I skated. It did fatigue for the second skating session I did on Thursday, but it feels great today.

Dave Wood Photography

On the nutrition side, I had switched from a long-distance nutrition routine to a strength/recovery-based regiment and it seems to have made a difference. For the last two months, I have been using the Rebuild Strength as my recovery, I’ve added the Joint Support and Herbalifeline to my routine, while taking out the Total Control. I also began taking the Aminogen. I drink a 3 scoop shake every morning and I have aimed for a minimum of 120g of protein each day. Thank goodness for the Dulce de Leche, Chocolate and Latte flavored Formula 1 shakes. 😀 And the multi-vitamin. AND the tea concentrate!! They’ve kept my body primed and ready to go.

Some personal goals for the next month:

1. Replace 5 pounds of fat with 5 pounds of muscle
2. Have complete hitting capabilities on my skates by January 15
3. Bench press 80 pounds by January 30 (don’t laugh, I’m only at 45 now)
4. 25 in 3:45 (My best is 3:42 and that was when I was in good form and had been on skates consistently for 2 years)
5. Be able to leg press 250 with both legs by January 30 (I’m at 140 now)

Nutrition goals:

1. No alcohol in the month of January
2. 140 ounces of water per day
3. 115g of protein per day
4. No more than 2100 calories on a hard cardio day, no more than 1800 calories on a strength day
5. Consume a minimum of 1400 calories daily
6. Get back on my fiber/aloe routine

Personal goals:

1. Have 10 Derbalife boot camps on the books for the year
2. Change 15 lives with Herbalife health programs (Check them out here)
3. Find 5 people who want to take the Herbalife journey with me (Learn about the opportunity)
4. Plan and implement marketing goals for Dutchland Rollers
5. Be organized for my last semester, including having my independent studies rolling
6. Have half the money saved up needed to get my own apartment
7. Keep up with my blog, iChange & Examiner pages.
8. Have tables booked at Derby Ink, NE Con and East Coast Extravaganza
9. Bring a guest to the January Spectacular Event in Philly
10. Have 2 more team members attend January Spectacular

Logos of events
January will be a great month to get the year started. I will be stronger and faster than ever before. My journey to the end of my Bachelor’s degree is almost complete. I’m building a strong Herbalife and Derbalife health client base. I have a good outlook. No matter how frustrating it may be sometimes. I will get myself and Matt and our cats to a place where we have space and comfort. It will happen.

If your league is interested in booking a Derbalife Boot Camp, contact me at If you’re interested in hosting a nutrition class, or just getting a health profile, you can also drop me a line. 🙂 Let’s find good health together.

2013 Declaration of Goals

Here are the major goals I have for 2013:

I will earn ACTIVE WORLD TEAM by June of 2013. I will sit with my team when I go to Extravaganza in October.


I will book 15 Derbalife Boot Camps for 2013. I already have one in the books. I’m talking to a second league. If you know a derby league that would love an on skates/off skates/nutrition based boot camp developed by the minds behind DERBALIFE – contact me.

I will find the FIVE right people who are excited to change their life. Whether they want to help brides lose weight, assist healthy living in children or focus on sports nutrition – all I need are the right FIVE people to come on this awesome journey of success with me. This business isn’t hard, it just takes some time, patience and legwork.

I will play on the All Star team. Period.

I will attend Rollercon. ECDX. Derby Ink Convention. NE Derby Convention.

I will make it to California and Arizona and Florida.

I will have my own apartment before ECDX.

I will graduate in May, and I will hit Dean’s List for the third semester in a row.

I will do a journal entry every night with 2 successes, 2 things I’m proud of and 2 things to work on the next day.

I will build a strong Herbalife team.

I will never give up. Even when it feels like all hope is lost, and I’ve been beaten again. I will not give up. I am too strong. I am too good. I will finally find success. I’m tired of standing on the precipice of greatness.

2013 better watch out. I’m comin’ for it. Are you comin’ with me?


Contact KristieMGrey @ for more information on Herbalife programs or starting in the business.

12/21/12 Update

It’s Nopacolypse so I figure, when better than now to write a free form, fairly disjointed post!

Update #1 is about the knee. This weekend I went to Jingle Brawl, hosted by the Morgantown Roller Vixens in West Virginia. I was going to attempt to compete, but first I had to test the joint. I have not hit since Kick Ash popped my LCL in October, so let’s give it a shot. Well, I swung in on my expected team mate, JK LOL and the moment I made contact … I heard another pop. My entire joint felt shocked and started trembling. I immediately left the track.

I probably could have pushed through it, honestly. But not for a group of mixed games. Not happening. Aside from that, my knee had begun the disturbing trend in the last week of popping and clicking a lot. Sometimes it feels like when my knee cap cracks, and sometimes it buckles me.

So back to the Penn State doctor I went. His diagnosis? Still was an LCL sprain. only that’s healed. “Skate. If you can’t stand the pain, do your hitting too.” Oh, and get an MRI because you might have some cartilage getting caught in the joint. Or a ‘ligament snap’ … think about plucking a guitar string. Yea.

80s Holiday Party with the Dutchland Rollers!
80s Holiday Party with the Dutchland Rollers!

So last night I went to Dutchland’s holiday party (skating and goofing off) and it kind of felt ok. I didn’t skate on it for a while, on and off. Lightly. It tweaked once while I was trying a transition, but that’s it. Tonight I went to open skate. Members of my old league were there and I used it as my cardio. I spent a solid 45 minutes skating at one point. (30 minutes before that). One: My endurance is GONE when it comes to all my skating muscles. Two: Other than a couple motions, my knee felt awesome. I even went to the gym afterwards to do some strength training.

That being said, here are some of the weights that I’m up to:
Leg press (right leg): 55 pounds
Leg press  (left leg): 55 pounds
Leg extension (right leg): 40 pounds
Leg extension (left leg): 55 pounds
Bench Press: 40 pounds
Straight leg squat: 60 pounds
Overhead seated press: 15 pounds/hand
One Leg Squat: 25 pounds
Peck flys: 55 pounds
Delt flys: 40 pounds
Push-ups: Ok… I’m only up to 3o but I’m always so sore from all the other chest workouts!!

I have been doing resistance of 5 on the elliptical, and 7 on the bike. I have been doing as much interval training as I can. My weight has stayed about the same, but I have definitely trimmed up more and my guns are looking AWESOME. Thank you Rebuild Strength for my muscles. Thank you Joint Support and Herbalifeline for getting my knee strong quicker.

Thank you tea concentrate for getting me through finals. I’m still waiting on two grades, but so far I have an A and a B+ in the books. I’m nervous about the 15 page thesis paper I wrote for my theatre class…. mostly because I feel like it should have been 20 pages, but I didn’t want to speak in psychological jargon for five pages (which I would have).

It doesn’t appear as if we’re going to be experiencing any kind death and destruction, so now I turn my focus onto 2013:

I am building my Herbalife team. I have so many ideas of great things to do, and great people to talk to. I can’t wait to help more people reach their goals and to build a successful team that helps to improve the quality of life for people they care about. I can’t wait to #KickAlloftheAsses in 2013. Let’s loose weight, feel awesome and build successful careers!! I’m going to be doing Derbalife clinics and boot camps and Krissy Krash and I were talking today about how to expand the boot camps into something that we can teach other skaters to do!

Car magnet

Active World Team – I am coming. (Maybe someone reading this blog entry will decide to come with me.) January Spectacular is going to be awesome! I’m so excited for all the trainings that are coming up so I can share them with my team.


I also will be back on my skates full force in 2013. You can bet on that. I’m getting so close to healthy. Something I noticed today? My knee didn’t pop once. While I had become accustom to multiple crippling pops a day, it has not happened at ALL today. Very encouraging.

I also will be graduating from college (FINALLY) in the spring. I cannot wait. Finally. 4th time is a charm.

Ok, time for bed. I should have been writing articles about all star teams instead of writing a blog entry, but I to do a little writing for myself. Even though I’m so tired that I’m dizzy at this point. I know there is more going on. I will do some goals and post them here soon.

PS… Want to know what I’ve been using and loving? I don’t rely just on the 24 line, but it is an integral part of my training and recovery.

Knock out all your 2013 goals!

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Writing new discourse: Taking the sexy out of women’s athletics

So I am going to veer away from my usual topics for a moment to discuss something I have always found very interesting: writing new discourses. What does that mean? Well for the non-communication majors in the crowd, a discourse is (simply put) the way we see something.

When looking at the social impact of Rent, you must do so through the looking glass of early 90’s America. To understand the implications of the language of Shakespeare, you must put on the mantle of the Elizabethan Every-man. Looking at it with modern language and text in mind will simply muddle the meaning behind the words.

That being said: there’s a lot of ‘sexy’ in women’s sports.

In modern America (and beyond our borders in this international community called the Internet), sex sells. There is also a belief that ‘no one wants to see women play sports’, so in order to entice an audience to watch what little athletics there are, we over-sexualize the participants.

To look at it from a psycho-analytical perspective, the mainstream media (primarily consisting of the male gaze) feels threatened by women who present themselves as strong. The media must either soften them to make them less threatening to the men by converting them to sexual objects, or must over-masculinize the women to make them non-threatening.

Search on google
Google search of “Women’s Beach Volleyball”. The internet says: “Don’t focus on the fact that she can bench press more than you because look at DAT ASS.”

(I don’t know if you can see it or if the screen shot is too small, but the other recommended searches? “Women’s Beach Volleyball camel” and “Hot women’s beach volleyball”)

While beach volleyball is not doing much to combat this overly-sexualized image, other sports are taking a more proactive stance.

If you have read this blog, you may have picked up that I play roller derby. The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has been focusing their PR and marketing efforts for the last three years, especially, on re-writing the discourse in which we see roller derby. We no longer want people to think of :

Yea. We don't usually look like that.

Yea. Sexy.
Yea. Sexy.

We want people to think of this:

dave wood oly
Gotham vs Oly – Hydra Championship Bout
Dave Wood Photography Used with Permission

Or even this:

Dave Wood Photography Used with permission
Atlanta Derby Brat
Dave Wood Photography Used with permission

Going above and beyond to present the sport of roller derby as that – a sport – has been a challenge for the W.F.T.D.A. when you have competing roller derby organizations who are not on board with the same public relations mission. While flat track derby is very focused on the athleticism, the O.S.D.A., M.A.D.E., Renegade and R.D.C.L. organizations continue to present the public with bank tracks, fishnets and cute girls who skate (“tee hee, isn’t that hot?”). NOTE: This does not imply that these organizations are not seeking athletic credential for their skaters or that their skaters are any less legitimate in their training. I’m talking public image here. Creating a new discourse in this situation is exceptionally difficult.

Some people just don’t want understand the athleticism and prowess necessary for the sport. Well. Until they watch Sandrine Rangeon (yes that’s her real name) score 45 points in one jam when her team is down by 35 and a Bronze medal at Championships is on the line. Then you might get it. Or seeing Bonnie Thunders leap half the track, or On’Da Sligh spin, hop and slide her way around every opponent. Then they go .. “OOOOoooohhhhh. I get it now.”

Let On’Da Sligh blow your mind… she’s the one in the blue with a star on her helmet.

With the first Roller Derby World Cup having been played in 2011, those of us in the derby community are hoping that people soon to take our sport seriously. Next step might be the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics … SEUGE WAY!!

At least roller derby lacks one obstacle that another sport, a sport that will be making it’s first appearance in the 2016 Olympics, has: STRIPPERS.

I am speaking, of course, of Pole Dancing. They’re not even calling it “Pole Aerobics” or “Pole Gymnastics”. Nope. Cut to the chase. There seems to be identity crisis issues happening within this subculture of athletes. Yes, athletes. Like in derby, there’s an element of sex that is part of the culture. Ok, let’s be honest here. The culture of derby has been linked to sex through psycho-analytic means.

It’s more than culture for the dancers I have met recently. They understand that sex has been the reason that the sport has been created, but it’s no longer just about sex. Not for the athletes. I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand. How could derby not be accepted into the Olympics, but pole dancing was? Well, just like seeing Sandrine Rangeon score 45 points at Championships, I was shown a video that made me go “Oh. Damn. DAMN! That was awesome!”

The athleticism, balance, strength, endurance and control the women who perform have is unmatched. If I said some of them perform with Cirque du Soleil, would that make their skills more viable? Would it make them more accepted? Many of them do. Many of those at the top of the competition circuit hold regular jobs or are performers in other rights.

So the PR question that they are facing is not only “How do we change people’s minds?” but “What is our identity?” While flat track derby has focused down it’s mission to being Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary. (Huh? See. New discourse) The pole dancer community must decide how much sexy to keep in their core.

And beach volleyball? Well. I just don’t think that’s ever going to change.

This definitely changed my mind about a vertical pole and the athleticism. This is Jenyne Butterfly, arguably the most talented in the field right now.

Creating a brand, when the brand is yourself

In a previous post, I discussed my existence inside a brand that is inside a brand (Derbalife IS Herbalife and presenting two images can be tricky). I’ve also discussed damage control a little bit when it comes to the brand of Merry Khaos.

My job is health and wellness. My brand is myself. Everything I present to the world is a construction of my brand of me. No one will want to work with a health coach who is not working on her own health. No one wants to work with a derby coach who seems distant from the world in which she teaches.

Construction of brand and creation of image is a long process that builds up over time. It takes preparation and diligence. Since I am trying to demonstrate to the world that I am awesome at helping with sports nutrition and weight loss, I must put my money where my mouth is.

This is why I am goal-setting and tracking in a blog format. This way people can see my progress. Individuals can see the work I am putting into making myself better, and will grow to trust that I can help them do the same. I use the products that I promote and I tell the world about what they do for me.

It's like Christmas!
It’s like Christmas!

Building a brand when the product is you… it is trickier than branding a product. A product is stagnant. It has no feelings or emotions. We place it how we want. We light it how it looks best. When you are the product, and your services and advice are what you are offering, everything you say do and present to the world comes to scrutiny.

This is why I am constantly posting positive affirmations, goals and the recognition of being human. I am like you. You can relate to me. You should buy the brand of Kristie Grey, Herbalife Health Coach or Merry Khaos, Derby Coach and sports nutrition guru.

So enjoy the brand of me. I intend on expanding [the brand] and making me the best me I can, so I can make you the best of you.

I'm not Team USA [yet] but watch out. by Juan Paden.
I’m not Team USA [yet] but watch out. by Juan Paden.