When computers have vendettas

First, let me thank Christine Metcalfe and every Speech Team coach I have ever had.

Today was we came to our Advanced PR class to present our pitches for our midterm project. The project: create a media kit for an event, product or organization and then choose a media organization to pitch to. I worked on a media kit for WFTDA.tv and pitched ‘to’ Val Ackerman of ESPNW.

I practiced my pitch. On the school’s network I downloaded and tested my powerpoint and amazing W.F.T.D.A. video. This video is perfect. Perfect for my pitch! I couldn’t believe my luck!

I volunteer to go second since no one else wants to go. The screens were coming down, and as I logged onto the computer, I filled space by starting my pitch. Multi-tasking! I’m so awesome! Talking in public! Yes!

Powerpoint up! Slight hiccups in the process. No biggie. Perfect lead-in: “Why should you cover W.F.T.D.A. Championships and WFTDA.tv? I could tell you, but I’ll let these ladies.”

Nothing. Uh… Reload. Nothing. Try YouTube. Can’t find it. Get on Facebook. Won’t load. The whole time talking. Ok, fine. Chatter. However!! Public Relations class!! HERE IS THE VIDEO:

Creating a brand within a brand

Both a blessing and a curse is creating a brand within a brand. For myself, I have two brands that I fit my Health Coaching within: Herbalife and Derbalife.


Yes. Herbalife is the large face of Nutrition that I work under. I am a Health Coach and I utilize the Herbalife nutrition and resources. Herbalife has been promoting health and wellness since 1980 and are the top nutrition company in the world. I have a strong brand to stand with.

Derbalife is a brand within the brand. Kristen Adolfi created the brand “Derbalife” three years ago when she began focusing on the health and fitness of the roller derby community. It started as a joke within the LA Derby Dolls and now has expanded to a worldwide recognizable name within the derby community.

So, in the everyday community I must create an image of Kristie Grey, Herbalife Health Coach. Then, in the derby community I must create the brand of Merry Khaos, Derbalife Health Coach. It sounds redundant, but it is necessary. The regular person at the gym is not going to recognize Derbalife (or may feel alienated by it). Something similar will happen with derby folks – they recognize Derbalife. They may think Herbalife is something different so I may have to work twice as hard to get their attention.

It is an interesting balance to work within two brands of the same company. Creating my own image as a Health Coach is reliant on the brands I work within, but then I must create my own path. Sports nutrition? Wedding parties? Weight loss? How do you tell people that you do it all without seeming to spread yourself too thin?

Primary audience and secondary audience are in the works. For now, I will work on getting every client I can and helping them get the results they deserve. The branding will have to be balanced as I go. So far, people who who have contacted me about getting results are not as concerned with the logo on my business card. I hope that continues!

See my Herbalife website here and have me as your own health coach!


Public Relations Debacle: Romney/Ryan Haz It

Political beliefs aside: what the heck has happened to the Romney/Ryan campaign in the last 30-ish hours?

Before the Presidential debate, photos of Vice President nominee Paul Ryan hit the web. No, not the ridiculous gym photos that were released. Photos of Paul Ryan in a soup kitchen washing dishes. However, most of us saw the photos attached to articles exposing a debacle. Were the dishes actually dirty? Were there even patrons in the soup kitchen? Did he even get permission to have cameras there? The event has been called a photo-op, not an actual act of volunteerism.

Of which has been eaten up by media and Romney opposition.

However, with the debate happening, the GOP had the hope of everyone forgetting about the soup kitchen. Mitt, or “Mittens” as he has been dubbed by the Social Media Public, had such a strong showing in the first debate against Obama (who apparently had taken too much Xanex the first time through) that his lack of facts did not seem to affect the final win. So,  he had an opportunity to make it aaaaallll better for Camp Romney by doing it again. Lies or not. However, Mitt has a habit of talking… And that gets him in trouble.

Now, there has been a social media storm about “Binders Full of Women” including a Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr page. So… now how will the Republicans respond?


The word brings many connotations to mind: commitment to a cause, to a person or to a moral code. I have noticed recently that our society makes one commitment very difficult – a commitment to ourselves.

We have so many distractions around us. We have so many reasons to not do something – whether it is eating healthy, workout, do homework or spend time with our family. There is always something else we could do. There is always a reason to say, “I’ll check it out”, “I’ll let you know tomorrow”, “I’ll be good starting Sunday”.

The easiest thing to do is to say we are going to commit to something. The hardest thing to do is to follow through with it.

Since I have started my Herbalife journey, there have been a lot of reasons to put off working out or to bust my calorie count. There have been lots of excuses as to why I should have another glass of wine or not care about the Stromboli I am eating.

No more.

Too often I have heard potential health clients say any of the following:

“I really want to do this! Let me ask my husband.”

“This sounds great, I’ll look into it.”

“This information is awesome. Maybe I’ll do it in November.”

This is not about weight loss. This is not about beauty and fashion. This is about your health. The hardest thing to do is to admit that you could be healthier. It is hard to admit that they only thing holding you back is you. You can put up defensive walls all you like, but when it comes to it you have to make the decision for you.

And the commitment is not easy. You may fail. You may struggle. You have to believe you will be successful though. Giving up is not an option. Make the choice to get stronger, or leaner or faster and then do anything you can to do that.

Do squats at your desk. Lunge through your house instead of walking. Plank as you watch commercials. It is the little things that make the difference in the long run. Buy a water bottle and drink water instead of soda. Pack your food for the day instead of buying at the cafeteria.

There are so many ways to be better. The question is not “Can I do it?” the question becomes, “Will I make the choice to improve?”

I didn’t get to pack my food ahead of time for my 13 hour day. So I put everything in an Herbalife bag and am making it as I go.

Attention brides and grooms!

I am beginning to attack the bridal market with Herbalife.

Having spent time in the bridal industry previously, I know that there is a lack of personal health and wellness offered for bridal parties and grooms. Everyone thinks about looking great on their big day, but often a membership to LA Fitness just isn’t enough.

I am looking for help building a portfolio!

I am looking for five brides and five grooms who are interested in getting on an Herbalife plan. Those first five of each will get a special opportunity to use the products for an especially discounted rate. In return, I would love to get before and after photos, testimonials and maybe even a bridal blog or two.

Contact DerbyAmerica@gmail.com for more information on the promotion. Pictures and testimonials will be featured at promotional tables and also on blogs and websites.

Brides and grooms need to have a wedding date of December 10, 2012 or later.

Look fantastic in your dress too!

Final semester in my sights

Yes. I have an internship for next semester. I cannot really describe how excited I am, even if it is unpaid.

I will be working as a marketing intern for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

I have no idea what to do from here, but I at least I have the first part taken care of! Combining school credits with roller derby AND marketing? Yes please. I get my first taste tomorrow when I get to fill in for the W.F.T.D.A. tweeter of the South Central Regional Tournament. It will be a busy day of updating, but I am being charged with watching all the bouts and tweeting updates as they happen. More of an excuse to watch the bouts.

I have also scheduled my other classes for next semester: Intro to Statistics (I know everyone is jealous), Public Relations Campaigns, Documentary Film Making (Independent Study) and Script Analysis. Should be good times…

Interested to see what W.F.T.D.A. Marketing has been up to? You can watch the South Central tournament too! A weekend pass is only $12. Landlocked and Lace Up will be worth watching at WFTDA.tv – the newest edition to the W.F.T.D.A. family.

Declaration of October Goals.

October Goals:

Achieve my Senior Producer status in Herbalife
Add 6 new coaches to Team Khaos
Have 4 of my coaches hit Senior Consultant status
Add 20 new clients
Have 90% of my clients achieve one health goal
Book a vendor table for W.F.T.D.A Championships
Be able to run 8 miles in one shot
Visit 3 leagues to practice
Book 4 coaching gigs (on skates or cross-training/nutrition)
Score a combined 80 points in my two October bouts
Exercise 17 hours per week
Maintain As in all my classes
See one show
Visit my wife, Dynamite Molly Maguire, and reconnect with at least 5 other friends I haven’t seen in the past 30 days.
Lose 5 lbs of fat
So there we have it. So let it be written, so let it be done! I have accomplished much. Let’s see what’s next.