Can’t I Stay in Florida?

Let me open this blog by saying that I do not want to go back to Pennsylvania. I’ve been in Melbourne, Florida for almost a week now and to say that I’m dreading going back is not that far away from the truth.


So while I’ve been in Florida there have been a lot of things happening. One is that my business seems to have hit some kind of speed up track. You know, like in RC Pro Am, when you would hit the arrows and suddenly you’d be going a lot faster?

**I couldn’t find an image of the RC Pro Am cars on the acceleration feature! #NESscreenshotFAIL**

So I have a lot of awesome new clients and new coaches and potential clients and potential coaches. It’s been an amazing ride while I’m down here. I’m so grateful for my coach, Krissy Krash. Without her, I would not have been brave enough to dive head first into this business. I would not have gotten awesome health results and would not be building a strong team of amazing people.

That being said, I know that she didn’t do it for me. I did it. I have taken the steps I needed to advance my business. I have talked to people. I have reached out and I have gotten results and SHARED them.

I honestly believe that ANYONE can be a successful health coach. I know that anyone could get the financial freedom they desire while helping people be healthy and happy. Not only am I getting to live the life I want, and am building to be a financial powerhouse, but I am impacting the lives of people as I do it.

You can’t ask for anything better.

Part of my job is to push myself physically. Most of you reading this know that I have injured my knee a couple times in the last two months. Well … I kind of made it owie again at my bouts in Richmond. I thought maybe it wasn’t healing. I thought maybe I was in trouble.

Photo by Tyler Shaw
Photo by Tyler Shaw

Now, I think that it just was still draining from my last big owie.

I’ve run 14 miles in the last 3 days. I’VE RUN 14 MILES IN THE LAST THREE DAYS!!!


I can’t even believe it!

My legs can’t either. Or my back. Or neck. In fact, the whole of me is pretty sore. I also got a bit sunburnt between the two runs and the day at the beach. Um. Totally worth it though. Because, you know. I was at the beach while my boyfriend was prepping for the snowfall.

I will say this though … If I didn’t know about my protein levels. If I hadn’t been eating my mini meals, hydrating, taking my multi, cell activator, Restore and Herbalifeline… I think I’d be in REAL trouble. I’m sore; not dead. I really thought I’d be dead.

I am so happy. I am getting to challenge myself. I can walk around in a bikini and not hide. I can go to practice tonight sore but energized. The tea concentrate is keeping me on my toes and alert. I have a ton of appointments in the next two days. I am building my team members.


I am changing lives. Mostly mine. I am so happy. Thank you to everyone who’s let me into their circle. Thank you for joining my tribe.

Now… if any of you have any tips for sore muscles … I’d love it if you would leave them in the comments section. ❤

Oh!! And don’t forget about the Fit for Summer Challenge that I have coming up on April 1!! It’s an 8 week challenge. I want to fill it with 100 people. Let’s get something mind blowing going on, people!!


Fit for Summer Challenge!!

Ok, we all need a little bit of a push now and again.

Health challenges are a great way to get you up off your bum and to help you re-evaluate what you’ve been doing and what you can do better. It’s a great time to set new goals and stretch yourself further. A challenge doesn’t have to mean pure weight loss (though most people use it for that). It could be a muscle gain goal. It could be to reshape your body. It could just be to look closer to your own version of YOUR personal vision of a “Level 10” body.

April 1st starts an 8 Week Online Challenge. Winners will get CASH. There is a Before/After photo contest and then for the derbyists in the crowd – a prize for the most improved number of laps in 5 minutes.

Every week there will be fitness and nutrition tips. There will be motivation and community support. Because it’s an online challenge you don’t have to go anywhere fore weigh ins. You don’t have to get on a conference call each week.

To enter the challenge, pay your $20 entry fee to and in the notes section include your name, phone number, state you live in and how you heard about the challenge! Also note if you’re looking to make a few extra hundred dollars by helping me fill the challenge with other participants.

The more people who enter, the bigger the prize at the end! Contact me if you have any questions. 8 Weeks could change your life – let the health begin!Whimsey


Facing down the demons

She awkwardly stands up and moves to the front of the room; standing there for a moment, she shuffles her feet and looks at the floor for a moment. Then, steeling herself, she raises her gaze to the room of people gathered in front of her. These are the people she is supposed to lead and inspire; the people she is supposed to be an example and pillar of strength for.

“Hello, as you know, my name is Kristie,” she croaks.

“Hello, Kristie,” the zombie crowd responds.

She takes a breath. She looks them in the eye: “I am a food addict with a penchant for sweets.”

There. I said it. I have admitted it to the crowd. It is something I struggle with every day. It is something I fight within me. If there is food near me, I will eat it. If there is chocolate, or ice cream, or wine or sweets… I will find a reason to consume it.

For those of you now thinking, “Kristie, why is this a confession? You can eat that stuff! Look at you! You can afford it.”

This means that you are assuming I am eating healthy for the sake of a smaller number on the tags of my dresses. Not for the energy. Not to live longer. Not to be a better athlete. Being thinner is a side effect of being healthy, but it is not the only reward for me.

Being able to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded is a benefit. Not feeling like I have to nap at 3pm every day is amazing. Being at the end of an endurance practice and being able to say, “What? We’re done?” is the best feeling ever.

Nights when the addiction overcomes me is not the best feeling ever: Nights when I succumb to rich foods and chocolate cheesecakes and many glasses of alcohol cause me to make excuses. I say, “It’s ok. It’s vacation.” Or “We’re celebrating” or “It’s just tonight.” Really, the piece in the back of my head I’m saying “You just ate 1000 calories more than you should have.” Or “Your sugar count is off the charts and you didn’t work out hard today.” Or “how are you going to be faster than Burning River eating like that?”

Every day around food is a struggle for me, and most people do not realize it. I drink shakes and uber control my diet through high protein means and with the help of Herbalife. I have to be super strict on myself, not just because of my goals, but because of my habits. And the reason I look the way I do, and perform the way I do is BECAUSE I can control myself [usually]. But if I am lax on myself, and give myself an inch, is that allowing myself to be human or is that skirting responsibility? Does it do me any good to feel nothing but guilt after the fact?

So it comes to it.

I do not want to give myself too much slack, because then I could fall into the habit that I’ve seen other people fall into: They know that their threats are empty. They can eat what they want and not follow their plan and it’s ok. They’ll tell their coach that ‘they’ll do better tomorrow’ and that ‘well, that cake really won’t count.” They constantly fail and they blame the crash diet they were on, or the food they ate. Not themselves.

I will not do that. I will pay the consequences. I have let my addiction get the best of me tonight. It happens. I am human. However, that also means that tomorrow I will be doing an intense workout. As my consequence I will do strength training tomorrow as well as 100 minutes of cardio. Yes. Before we go to the Planetarium.

I will not let this defeat me.

Also, tomorrow my Herbalife shipment should be hitting the condo. (I’m at my parent’s condo visiting my baby sister this weekend) I will be fully stocked with shakes, vitamins, supplements and Hydrate. I will continue to strengthen my knee and my body and work towards my Level 10 body.

I may have been a disappointment today to the people who I am supposed to inspire, but it will not be a status long lived. Water intake, up. Goals set. Motivation ready.

I have a Fit for Summer Challenge starting up April 1 and I cannot wait to change lives. I am so pumped up to help other people who have let their addiction defeat them in the past. I am so excited to show each individual how beautiful they are. If you want in on the challenge, just contact me for info at .

I am ready to take over the world with health and motivation. I am ready to conquer my demons. I am ready. The first step is admitting something that I have struggled to come to grips with over the course of my growth: I am addicted to food. I am addicted to sweets. I am addicted, but I am ready to change. I am willing to sacrifice. I am going to overcome and to win….

Are you?


Eating Healthy Even When You’re Not at Home

“But I can’t lose weight or eat healthy when I’m traveling… it’s too hard!”

I call shenanigans.

I just got home from a three day debacle of an adventure. It was supposed to be a trip down to Virginia Beach to run an off skates clinic and nutrition class on Friday night, then a bout on Saturday in Richmond and a hangover bout in Richmond on Sunday.

Those things all happened, but thanks to the WORST traffic I’ve ever experienced Matthew (my boyfriend) and myself were trapped on I95 and 64 for an extra three hours on our trip to Virginia Beach. Then there was an hour trip to Richmond. Then the trip home from Richmond, to avoid the traffic… added an extra 2 hours.

Ok, so we stayed in hotels and we were in the car a lot. So what did we eat? Yes we ate out twice. However, it’s amazing what a little bit of preparation can do for you.

Step 1: BUY TWO COOLERS and a TON of ice packs.

Why two? Because you always think that one is going to be enough. It isn’t so just get two. The $50 investment will save you a ton of money and calories in the long run.

Step 2: Plan your meals out ahead of time

Yea, just like at home. If you know what you’re eating for your snacks, your meals and your pre- and post-workouts… well it makes life a whole lot happier.

Step 3: Don’t forget the protein

When you’re buying your food for the trip, think about your protein intake. Milk, cheese and yogurt handle themselves very well in those coolers you bought. Canned tuna comes in a pop top now. Many grocery stores have “bag your own trail mix” options. Get high protein/low sugar protein bars to snack on along the way. Bring celery and peanut butter. Being in a car or in a hotel does not justify potato chips and bagels. There are a lot of awesome foods that travel well that don’t require cooking. I also hard boiled half a dozen eggs to have in the cooler with me at all times.

I, personally, brought several shake mix canisters (I had milk and Matt has his almond milk), we both had our favorite flavor of Herbalife Beverage Mix as well as soy nut snacks and the Herbalife Meal Replacement Bars. So good for traveling!

Step 4: Get a water pitcher filter

My derby trips and overall travel has become so much happier since I did this. In preparation for Rollercon last summer, I saw a lot of threads saying “when you get to Vegas, go to the store and buy a TON of water! Make sure you do it quick before it sells out.” Well… I thought to myself, “that’s silly. There’s water in the hotel room. I’ll just bring a pitcher with a filter” … and I did.

I think my roommates since that revelation (Rosie the Retaliator, Treasure Chest, Rum n Choke, Laverne N Surly, Disaster Girl, Toxic Shock, Luna Kitty and LaLa Lionheart) would all attest that it’s been an amazing thing to have. Also – bring an electric tea kettle. It plugs into the wall and you can make tea without having to fuss with a hotel room coffee pot.

Step 5: When you go out to a restaurant think before you order

Being on vacation is awesome. Traveling can be cool. Like me, maybe the only time you get to eat out is when you’re traveling. I totally understand that you want to splurge. However, think about your goals. Think about what damage you could be doing in the long run if you order that 1 pound burger that was deep fried and topped with cheese, bacon and ranch that has the side of fries. Get the smaller burger. Or sub grilled chicken. Get a side of broccoli instead of fries. Add a salad on the front of your meal instead of cheese sticks.

Drink water with that glass of wine. Sip your drink. Chew 21 times before you swallow each bite. These are things that will slow you down so that you not only enjoy your meal, but you won’t shove everything in your face before you’ve even tasted it.

“BUT KHAOS! I’m flying… not driving”

Ok that one’s trickier. You could apply all of these steps to once you get wherever you are going however. Get a disposable cooler and some ice at a grocery store and buy your groceries while you’re there.

Again, make sure you pack your shake mix and vitamins in your carry on so that you have it in the terminal – you’ll only have to buy the milk. The Beverage Mix, LiftOff and Hydrate are also super handy to have in a carryon for mid-flight snacking and hydration. J

“BUT KHAOS! I’m staying at a resort with all you can eat EVERYTHING”

Just because you CAN eat it, doesn’t mean you should.

“BUT KHAOS! I want to eat it!”

Well, than ask yourself what you really want? If your goals are flexible enough to allow a five pound gain on vacation than I guess you’re going to do what you’re going to do. And that’s ok. But do not eat and slack on your program and then get upset or be surprised when your weight loss or training schedule gets a bit derailed.

Sadly, you can’t eat an entire buffet of bacon cupcakes for a week and then expect to be as rock solid and energetic by the time you get home.


But nothing.

Only you are responsible for you. No one is going to babysit you. No one is going to smack the cookie out of your hand. It’s all on you. If you want to achieve hard, lofty goals it means giving up some things. It means getting the broccoli instead of the french fries. It means making some tea concentrate in your mug instead of stopping (again) for coffee. You want to conquer your challenges (while saving cash ps) or you don’t.  That’s all. Either way. We all still love you. We all still support you.

But this is about you. Not me. I’m just Khaos. I can give you the tools. If you use them… that’s up to you.

If you want some more tools … well… …. and make sure


Being dead may be more boring than a life of eating eggs

Last weekend I went to an STS training in Columbus, Ohio after spending the week in West Virginia teaching roller derby and nutrition to teams. At the training, I met a man who has renewed my passion for the science behind the Herbalife products.

He was told at age 19 that he would be dead before 30 due to a genetic heart defect. His father died at 37. His two brothers were with him at the STS – in boxes. It was chilling to listen to him talk about how they wouldn’t listen to their “crazy Herbalife brother”. It’s so sad to think about the loss this man has endured just because his brothers refused to believe that nutrition mattered.

He talked about the lack of nutrients in the American SOIL and how that translates to the vegetables. He talked about how farms around the world are picking before the produce is ripe, so the nutrients never fully develop, and then they get to you a week later (produce loses 10% of its nutrients every day off the stem).

He talked about the enzymatically devoid food that is in our grocery stores and in the fast food markets. He took out a McDonald’s Happy Meal. From 2004. It looked perfect. No mold. No smell. THAT ISN’T NATURAL. That isn’t food! If micro-organisms won’t eat it because there is no value in it, then why do we?

This fast food is TWO YEARS OLD. Not even microbes bother with it.
This fast food is TWO YEARS OLD. Not even microbes bother with it.

He then talked, with utter devotion, about the strength of the Herbalife products. Not because it is magic, but because they are designed to be real food with real nutrients to really nourish your body.  Because he has seen the Seed to Feed initiative. He has toured the science behind the products. He is well versed in the food-rich products that Herbalife produces.

The man is in his mid-50s. He’s vibrant, exuberant and not going to die of a massive heart attack any time soon. Someone asked him what his diet is like and he pulled out a crafter’s box. It was his pill regiment! It was so awesome to see!! For the rest of what he eats? Lots of egg. Lots of cheese.

That red box? That's his pill case! Awesome.
That red box? That’s his pill case! Awesome.

“Yea, I’m really boring. You don’t want to eat my menu,” he said.

I will reference him, Mark Gruell, more in other posts. For now, I want to zip forward to my public relations class last night. A friend in my class consumes a lot of non-food and is trying to lose weight. We’ve briefly gone over the fact that I sell Herbalife, but I have never really gone over why she should. I am really big on letting people come to me after they know I can help them.

So we had talked and she asks me questions now and again. For my snack during the class, I got some cheese cubes. (We have … maybe 7 people in this class including the professor.) She looked at me with accusation: “My doctor says cheese is bad for you and you shouldn’t eat cheese.”

At the time we were starting class so I didn’t get to use the retort that I had learned from Mark Gruell: “I’m sure he did say that, but doctors are not nutritionists. He probably has less than 4 hours of training in nutrition throughout his entire medical studies. If I break my leg I go to a doctor, if I want to be healthy, I talk to someone about nutrition.”

What I had time to say was, “That guy I talked about? Eggs, cheese, and Herbalife. That’s what he eats.”

Our professor responded with her nose scrunched up, “Ugh. Really? That sounds like a boring life.”

I was so stunned by the intense negativity in the room that I didn’t get a chance to say anything past my cheese cube. I remember Mark saying that it was boring.

All I could think was, “You know what sounds boring? Being dead.”

And that’s what it comes to for me. Will I still have desserts and foods that I love? Yes. I am a foodie. I love food and it’s delicious. However, in my day to day life am I really eating gourmet every time I eat? No! I’m not! I’m eating something quick. I’m eating something that’s in the house just to eat something.

If I’m going to be eating ‘boring’ stuff anyway – I’m going to eat the RIGHT boring stuff and be alive and strong. The idea that people eat things that kill them, or rather they DON’T eat the things that will keep their body alive. I hate that.

And can I please tell you about the blood sugar crash you'll have after the latte and muffin??
And can I please tell you about the blood sugar crash you’ll have after the latte and muffin??

I hate thinking about the friends and family I am going to lose just because they are so ingrained in their American diet. Because they don’t want to try something new. Because I sell it and therefore it must be weird. Because they’ve never had it before so it must be weird.

I hate thinking that because the people I care about the most won’t even attempt to step out of their comfort box – they will die younger than they should. This isn’t about me making money. This is about you being alive 20 years from now. Whoever you are that is reading this.

And no, you don’t need to eat nothing but Herbalife and eggs and cheese. But eating even a basic Herbalife plan, and doing what you can to be healthy. And dropping the diet soda. And dropping the fast food. And dropping the carbs. And taking vitamins. And reading labels. That will help you fight disease, have energy and be ALIVE.

Ok. I think I’m off my soap box now. I just hope everyone reads this whole story. I hope you take it to heart. I hope you understand that I want you to be alive. I want you to be vibrant and healthy. I’m crying as I type this just because I want you to be here on this Earth. Even if I’ve never met you before: YOU ARE A CONTRIBUTION. You have inspired someone. You could inspire yourself.

I love you all.

family 2jay emm family 1 Family 3 Trio

These are some reasons I want to live longer.

I feel awesome

I feel awesome.

And you know what? There is nothing wrong with feeling fantastically strong and confident. There is nothing wrong with believing that you can accomplish the greatest feats. That you DESERVE happiness, health and wealth. There is nothing wrong with promoting yourself. There is nothing wrong with believing you are beautiful and a contribution to the world.

We don’t want people to think we’re arrogant. We don’t want other people to believe we’re full of ourselves. Aside from all that, we are so busy telling ourselves that we can’t. Or it wouldn’t work. Or it would be uncomfortable. You know what’s really uncomfortable? Holding back. Bottling up. Keeping your joy to yourself.

In high school, a teacher of mine, Bill Johnson, was known for being loud, honest and hurting feelings. Students who didn’t care enough to talk to him assumed he was egotistical and just slapped a label on him. One day, while prepping for “The Wizard of Oz” (he had noticed my potential for work when I produced the fall play at Mechanicsburg my junior year), someone told him that he was arrogant.

He shook his head and said, “I’m not cocky. I’m convinced.” Later, while going to retrieve lunch for the crew, we talked about it. “You have to believe you can do anything. You have to know that you are the best. There isn’t anything wrong with believing in your abilities. You can’t rely on other people to believe for you. If you believe in yourself, other people will automatically believe in you.”

Every now and again, I have to say to myself: “I am not cocky – I AM CONVINCED.”

And I challenge you to be convinced as well. Especially when it comes to your talents, your skills and your passion.


Creating community & evoking change this March

And now it’s March. And now it’s time to get serious.

Two more months of school. Roller derby bouts are starting. Last month of qualifications before the Herbalife Leadership Conference. One month before our first home bout.

I have a lot of things on my plate this spring and I am stating my intention that I will not only BALANCE everything, but I will excel at it. I am taking my business to the next level. I am doing more work in the community locally to support what I do in the roller derby community.

I have blocked out times for study, for workout, for follow up, for talking to people.

In the month of March I need to help 75 people find better health and nutrition. I want to coach 75 new people on how to live better and feel better. I want to inspire them and work with them. In March, when I change the lives of 75 people – I will change my own life.

Using my life as an example - I have carbs and junk around ALL the time. I avoid it by eating high protein and healthy!
Using my life as an example – I have carbs and junk around ALL the time. I avoid it by eating high protein and healthy!

I will do this on top of a reoccurring injury. Yesterday during softball practice I stepped in a gopher hole while [beautifully] sprinting to and fro across left field shagging fly balls. My right knee crunched three times before I went down like Frasier.

So after weeks and weeks of recovery – I feel like I’m back at square one. I can put weight on it and I am further along from the start, but the challenge with this knee continues. I will train despite it. My nutrition was structured well to begin with, so I will continue the trend and work my recovery tabs back in. I will show everyone that a knee injury is nothing to hold you back. You are limited only by your mindset.

Taken at as close to the same angle and perspective as possible. Sad face.
Taken at as close to the same angle and perspective as possible. Sad face.

Health and wellness for my community is the goal. Strength and prowess for the derby community is my commitment. I am excited to build friendships and relationships this month. I am excited to meet the people who will become the leaders of healthy living on my campus and in my community. I cannot wait to conquer fear and start building my vision.

My Fit Clubs and Nutrition classes start next week. Though there is only two months of school left, I will not let that deter me from making any impact I can. I learned last week, while talking to the manager of the food and catering there on campus, that the student body actually petitioned for MORE fried food. He had actually wanted to do one fried-foodless day a week and was told no by our student government.

This Fit Club in Cali is a great example of the kind of friendship and motivation I will bring to Central PA
This Fit Club in Cali is a great example of the kind of friendship and motivation I will bring to Central PA

All the complaints I’ve had about food at school has been because of the student body. So I have a huge task on my hands if I am looking to begin transforming us into a healthy, fit school. I am looking forward to challenging myself to be a strong leader, and challenging my peers and those in my community to be best version of themselves that they can be.

If you are just as excited as I am to affect change in the health of your community or sports league, please e-mail me so I can tell you all about health coaching and my goals for March!

And for good measure … here’s a photo of the sea monster that my parents call an “algae eater”:

Thar sh' blows!!!
Thar sh’ blows!!!