Time and time again..

I have never been good at being quiet. I’ve never been good at remaining idle.

And regardless of intent. Regardless of method. Regardless of communication.. I always end up with this feeling that I should sit down and shut up. I get this feeling that I should not try and lead, and simply take a back seat to others.

I should not do things. I should not try things. All because one or two people don’t understand what’s happening and then they don’t ask. My heart is heavy because I just want you to come to me and ask. Anyone who needs anything, who questions anything … just ask me. My cell phone is on my FB profile (bold move, right?).

I want nothing more than for every person to be successful. For every derby league to be successful. I want to help you be successful however I can. It’s not because I want the attention. It’s not because I think I’m better. I’m not trying to make you look bad. I’m not trying to step on any toes. I’m not. I have little to offer. I have little to give, but that little is yours.

Do you sit down and shut up because a few people get upset? Or do you put your head up and declare that you are convinced that you can be successful and can help them be successful? Do you forge forward, knowing who you are? What if you feel that friendships and relationships are on the line? Is it really worth losing everyone and everything that you’ve been building to be with?

Is it time for me to back off and fade into the background?