The holiday season and health

Yesterday was the day of turkey and stuffing. And mashed potatoes. And biscuits. And sweet potatoes. And pie. And wine and beer .. lots of it. And if your family is like mine, lots of canned vegetables. Thanksgiving is the kick off to Christmas and all the goodies associated with it. Though, we can’t forget that we’ve been battling the pumpkin pie, gingerbread frappaccinos and chocolate treats for almost a month already.

How do we win the battle against the holiday calories? It’s easy, if you’re willing to try. No, seriously.


Yes. More water is STEP ONE!! Why are you not listening to me on this one?? Water does a lot of things: it keeps your cells hydrated so they can do their job. It flushes toxins from the body. It keeps your nervous system in working order. It also is what makes up YOU.

Your body has no way of telling you that it’s thirsty so your body will send the only signal it can. So when you’re thinking, “Wow I’m so busy and hungry.. weird I just ate lunch … oh well, a cookie will solve it.” NO! BAD! Put the cookie down and pick up your water bottle.

Remember: Your goal is 1/2 of your body weight IN OUNCES of water per day for health. For weight loss, or on work out days knock that up a notch. “But bottled water is expensive!” … Yes, but a water filter is not. You can even get one for your office and fill up your filter in the office bathroom.

There are solutions everywhere if you’re just willing to look.


Take a look at the meals you’re eating. How much protein is in each meal? Protein not only keeps you full, but your body needs much more in a day than we usually like to recognize. Also, proteins take longer for your body to burn. So, if you eat a Greek yogurt instead of the cookie, than you are not going to have a spike and crash in blood sugar the way you will after eating a carb heavy snack or meal.

Need protein on the go? Herbalife Beverage Mix kind of tastes like jello and mixes with water for a quick snack midday.

Herbalife Beverage Mix is a great, quick snack for the middle of the day.


You won’t feel as guilty about grabbing that cookie if there is protein and fiber in them. When you make mashed potatoes, make it mashed cauliflower. Use stevia root as your sweetener instead of sugar. Crisp up kale or eggplant for your chip snack at night instead of potato.

This is just a small list of things you can do to make your daily consumption better. Something else that will improve your snacking habits? Get rid of the junk food. You’ve seen shows where they toss out everything that’s brown or high in fat. Yes. Do that. Trust me, it’ll be liberating.

Herbalife’s Personalized Protein Powder can be added to foods to increase the protein. Add the Active Fiber Complex as well to really pack a healthy punch.


It’s very easy to set really lofty goals for ourselves. When we do that, it is very easy to become disappointed. Set small goals at first: To take your vitamins daily. To get in 20 minutes of cardio per day for 2 weeks. To do 10 push ups a day.

After you set a few goals, declare it to others! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr… If you are going on a journey of weight loss, start a blog (like this one!) so that you can keep an updated log of how you’re doing and what you’re doing. Take pictures, log your measurements and it will help keep you on track.


There are lots of great ways to track your calorie consumption or burn. I use iChange, and others use MyFitnessPal. There are lots of exercise sites too like and Nike+. Whatever you want, use it. Not only will it give you a good idea of how much you are (or aren’t) eating, but it will show you your protein intake, fat and calorie burn. Also… you might think twice about that 3rd piece of pie if you know you’re going to have to tell the interwebs about it later.

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