Khaos Crisis Management

Today I had my first experience with crisis management as the brand of “Merry Khaos”. It was not a pleasant feeling and I have to say that I hope I do not have to do anything like this again. It is a terrible feeling to know that someone was hurt or offended, especially when you are directly to blame.

On Sunday night, I attended the Black Rose Rollers’ intra-league bout as an Herbalife vendor. An intra-league bout is when a league splits up into ‘home teams’ and plays. Sometimes they are permanent teams that run year round (like Philly Roller Girls’ Broad Street Butchers) and sometimes they are fun teams that are created and then disbanded just for one night.

At the after party, I was wearing the hoodie of the league I recently left. A small girl, program in hand, approached my circle. She handed Briann Jam her program and a pen for her autograph, and then Slamorous. Then she looked at me, hesitant, and extended the program to me. It was extremely loud, so if she did say anything, I did not hear her. I thought the hesitation was because she did not know who I was. I thought she asked me because she didn’t want to miss any skaters, and she wasn’t sure who I was.

Versus Houston

Honestly, I have a heck of a time distinguishing skaters when they’re not in uniform! Some of the girls had changed into street clothes, so I figured she thought I was a Black Rose. I did not want to mislead her, and I did not want to ‘steal glory’ from their night. Aside from that, Harrisburg did not have any home bouts in the last 12 months that I had skated in. So, I told the girl that I didn’t skate; I could sign it, but I don’t think she wants me to. I am skating in the next bout though and I hope she likes me enough for me to sign that one.

She tilted her head at me and quietly left.

Today, I hear from friends in the league, that her father was posting nasty, passive aggressive statements on Facebook about stuck up derby girls who wouldn’t sign her daughter’s program. Turns out, she has been watching Harrisburg skate for a few years and she knew EXACTLY who I was. Oi.

I contacted the father and explained what happened, and though he was not happy he was satisfied with my reasoning. “You have to understand,” he said, “You’re a celebrity in this community. You have to know that everyone knows you.”

I wonder if Suzy Hotrod ran into this when Gotham was getting big?

I asked him for his address and his daughter’s name. I am going to be sending her an 8×10″ photo from this season, one of my favorites ever taken. I’m also going to include a personal note and an 8×10″ photo of the team that I happen to have. Maybe some stickers too.

On twitter, I got a mention from another BRR skater who was asking about the incident. So hours after I thought I had the issue solved, I had to re-address it. I hope I have responded in the proper manner. I got my Chobani coupons in the mail today, and I want to be as quick to fix this as they were.