Fit for Summer Challenge!!

Ok, we all need a little bit of a push now and again.

Health challenges are a great way to get you up off your bum and to help you re-evaluate what you’ve been doing and what you can do better. It’s a great time to set new goals and stretch yourself further. A challenge doesn’t have to mean pure weight loss (though most people use it for that). It could be a muscle gain goal. It could be to reshape your body. It could just be to look closer to your own version of YOUR personal vision of a “Level 10” body.

April 1st starts an 8 Week Online Challenge. Winners will get CASH. There is a Before/After photo contest and then for the derbyists in the crowd – a prize for the most improved number of laps in 5 minutes.

Every week there will be fitness and nutrition tips. There will be motivation and community support. Because it’s an online challenge you don’t have to go anywhere fore weigh ins. You don’t have to get on a conference call each week.

To enter the challenge, pay your $20 entry fee to and in the notes section include your name, phone number, state you live in and how you heard about the challenge! Also note if you’re looking to make a few extra hundred dollars by helping me fill the challenge with other participants.

The more people who enter, the bigger the prize at the end! Contact me if you have any questions. 8 Weeks could change your life – let the health begin!Whimsey