Creating a brand, when the brand is yourself

In a previous post, I discussed my existence inside a brand that is inside a brand (Derbalife IS Herbalife and presenting two images can be tricky). I’ve also discussed damage control a little bit when it comes to the brand of Merry Khaos.

My job is health and wellness. My brand is myself. Everything I present to the world is a construction of my brand of me. No one will want to work with a health coach who is not working on her own health. No one wants to work with a derby coach who seems distant from the world in which she teaches.

Construction of brand and creation of image is a long process that builds up over time. It takes preparation and diligence. Since I am trying to demonstrate to the world that I am awesome at helping with sports nutrition and weight loss, I must put my money where my mouth is.

This is why I am goal-setting and tracking in a blog format. This way people can see my progress. Individuals can see the work I am putting into making myself better, and will grow to trust that I can help them do the same. I use the products that I promote and I tell the world about what they do for me.

It's like Christmas!
It’s like Christmas!

Building a brand when the product is you… it is trickier than branding a product. A product is stagnant. It has no feelings or emotions. We place it how we want. We light it how it looks best. When you are the product, and your services and advice are what you are offering, everything you say do and present to the world comes to scrutiny.

This is why I am constantly posting positive affirmations, goals and the recognition of being human. I am like you. You can relate to me. You should buy the brand of Kristie Grey, Herbalife Health Coach or Merry Khaos, Derby Coach and sports nutrition guru.

So enjoy the brand of me. I intend on expanding [the brand] and making me the best me I can, so I can make you the best of you.

I'm not Team USA [yet] but watch out. by Juan Paden.
I’m not Team USA [yet] but watch out. by Juan Paden.