Have you ever been so burdened with so much swirling around in your brain that you don’t know how to get it out or organize it? That’s what’s going on. I’ve actually put off writing blogs in the last few months because there has been SO MUCH going on (positive, negative and everywhere in between) that I didn’t know how to get it out in one smooth, amazing, life-altering blog.

Today I finished listening to Jon Acuff’s Start. Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, Do Work that Matters. If you haven’t heard of Jon Acuff, go find him right now. If you know me personally, you will know that I’m not always willing to jump onto bandwagons that involve heavy religion, but his “Stuff Christians Like” blog always has some good insight and anecdotes (and it’s not just about Bible-Things … so that’s a win).

The Road to Awesome as told by Jon Acuff
The Road to Awesome as told by Jon Acuff

Finishing that book this morning (after listening to a fair bit of it on the plane ride home last night) really solidified my vision for the future:


Hey, luckily, I’m working right now. I’m writing. I’m doing what I love. I’m sharing my thoughts with the world. OK, maybe this sentence isn’t work. It’s not a direct sale or getting anyone to a Fit Club, but it’s the first step to habit. It’s the first step of rebooting.

My Khaos Theory Blog has been a mishmash of things from Public Relations (which is why it started. I got a poor grade as a PR project, but I gained 100 followers during that first semester, so I call that an A+) to roller derby. Now I will be focusing it to health and wellness and sports. It will be workouts for those on and off wheels and nutrition that will benefit everyone. It will be my journey and thoughts and motivation for the world. It will be a documentary of what it means to coach and train within a Healthy, Active Lifestyle.

I’m ready to take over Baltimore and the Internet. I’m ready to get back into what I love: filming coaching videos (no matter how low budget), talking about drills, teaching and practicing. I have a new nutrition plan that will be kicking in with the next 24 Fit Challenge that our team is doing online (and I still have 15 spots open on my team, so let me know if you want to join). for more info for more info

I’m also going to do better at compartmentalizing my blogs. So… instead of telling you all about California, I’m going to end this blog, post and then write a separate one.

Our NEXT WAVE hiking group in Big Bear this weekend!
Our NEXT WAVE hiking group in Big Bear this weekend!

I feel awesome

I feel awesome.

And you know what? There is nothing wrong with feeling fantastically strong and confident. There is nothing wrong with believing that you can accomplish the greatest feats. That you DESERVE happiness, health and wealth. There is nothing wrong with promoting yourself. There is nothing wrong with believing you are beautiful and a contribution to the world.

We don’t want people to think we’re arrogant. We don’t want other people to believe we’re full of ourselves. Aside from all that, we are so busy telling ourselves that we can’t. Or it wouldn’t work. Or it would be uncomfortable. You know what’s really uncomfortable? Holding back. Bottling up. Keeping your joy to yourself.

In high school, a teacher of mine, Bill Johnson, was known for being loud, honest and hurting feelings. Students who didn’t care enough to talk to him assumed he was egotistical and just slapped a label on him. One day, while prepping for “The Wizard of Oz” (he had noticed my potential for work when I produced the fall play at Mechanicsburg my junior year), someone told him that he was arrogant.

He shook his head and said, “I’m not cocky. I’m convinced.” Later, while going to retrieve lunch for the crew, we talked about it. “You have to believe you can do anything. You have to know that you are the best. There isn’t anything wrong with believing in your abilities. You can’t rely on other people to believe for you. If you believe in yourself, other people will automatically believe in you.”

Every now and again, I have to say to myself: “I am not cocky – I AM CONVINCED.”

And I challenge you to be convinced as well. Especially when it comes to your talents, your skills and your passion.