Eating Healthy Even When You’re Not at Home

“But I can’t lose weight or eat healthy when I’m traveling… it’s too hard!”

I call shenanigans.

I just got home from a three day debacle of an adventure. It was supposed to be a trip down to Virginia Beach to run an off skates clinic and nutrition class on Friday night, then a bout on Saturday in Richmond and a hangover bout in Richmond on Sunday.

Those things all happened, but thanks to the WORST traffic I’ve ever experienced Matthew (my boyfriend) and myself were trapped on I95 and 64 for an extra three hours on our trip to Virginia Beach. Then there was an hour trip to Richmond. Then the trip home from Richmond, to avoid the traffic… added an extra 2 hours.

Ok, so we stayed in hotels and we were in the car a lot. So what did we eat? Yes we ate out twice. However, it’s amazing what a little bit of preparation can do for you.

Step 1: BUY TWO COOLERS and a TON of ice packs.

Why two? Because you always think that one is going to be enough. It isn’t so just get two. The $50 investment will save you a ton of money and calories in the long run.

Step 2: Plan your meals out ahead of time

Yea, just like at home. If you know what you’re eating for your snacks, your meals and your pre- and post-workouts… well it makes life a whole lot happier.

Step 3: Don’t forget the protein

When you’re buying your food for the trip, think about your protein intake. Milk, cheese and yogurt handle themselves very well in those coolers you bought. Canned tuna comes in a pop top now. Many grocery stores have “bag your own trail mix” options. Get high protein/low sugar protein bars to snack on along the way. Bring celery and peanut butter. Being in a car or in a hotel does not justify potato chips and bagels. There are a lot of awesome foods that travel well that don’t require cooking. I also hard boiled half a dozen eggs to have in the cooler with me at all times.

I, personally, brought several shake mix canisters (I had milk and Matt has his almond milk), we both had our favorite flavor of Herbalife Beverage Mix as well as soy nut snacks and the Herbalife Meal Replacement Bars. So good for traveling!

Step 4: Get a water pitcher filter

My derby trips and overall travel has become so much happier since I did this. In preparation for Rollercon last summer, I saw a lot of threads saying “when you get to Vegas, go to the store and buy a TON of water! Make sure you do it quick before it sells out.” Well… I thought to myself, “that’s silly. There’s water in the hotel room. I’ll just bring a pitcher with a filter” … and I did.

I think my roommates since that revelation (Rosie the Retaliator, Treasure Chest, Rum n Choke, Laverne N Surly, Disaster Girl, Toxic Shock, Luna Kitty and LaLa Lionheart) would all attest that it’s been an amazing thing to have. Also – bring an electric tea kettle. It plugs into the wall and you can make tea without having to fuss with a hotel room coffee pot.

Step 5: When you go out to a restaurant think before you order

Being on vacation is awesome. Traveling can be cool. Like me, maybe the only time you get to eat out is when you’re traveling. I totally understand that you want to splurge. However, think about your goals. Think about what damage you could be doing in the long run if you order that 1 pound burger that was deep fried and topped with cheese, bacon and ranch that has the side of fries. Get the smaller burger. Or sub grilled chicken. Get a side of broccoli instead of fries. Add a salad on the front of your meal instead of cheese sticks.

Drink water with that glass of wine. Sip your drink. Chew 21 times before you swallow each bite. These are things that will slow you down so that you not only enjoy your meal, but you won’t shove everything in your face before you’ve even tasted it.

“BUT KHAOS! I’m flying… not driving”

Ok that one’s trickier. You could apply all of these steps to once you get wherever you are going however. Get a disposable cooler and some ice at a grocery store and buy your groceries while you’re there.

Again, make sure you pack your shake mix and vitamins in your carry on so that you have it in the terminal – you’ll only have to buy the milk. The Beverage Mix, LiftOff and Hydrate are also super handy to have in a carryon for mid-flight snacking and hydration. J

“BUT KHAOS! I’m staying at a resort with all you can eat EVERYTHING”

Just because you CAN eat it, doesn’t mean you should.

“BUT KHAOS! I want to eat it!”

Well, than ask yourself what you really want? If your goals are flexible enough to allow a five pound gain on vacation than I guess you’re going to do what you’re going to do. And that’s ok. But do not eat and slack on your program and then get upset or be surprised when your weight loss or training schedule gets a bit derailed.

Sadly, you can’t eat an entire buffet of bacon cupcakes for a week and then expect to be as rock solid and energetic by the time you get home.


But nothing.

Only you are responsible for you. No one is going to babysit you. No one is going to smack the cookie out of your hand. It’s all on you. If you want to achieve hard, lofty goals it means giving up some things. It means getting the broccoli instead of the french fries. It means making some tea concentrate in your mug instead of stopping (again) for coffee. You want to conquer your challenges (while saving cash ps) or you don’t.  That’s all. Either way. We all still love you. We all still support you.

But this is about you. Not me. I’m just Khaos. I can give you the tools. If you use them… that’s up to you.

If you want some more tools … well… …. and make sure