4 thoughts on “Why we play

  1. So much this! Bouts are fun, but practice is more fun. If you don’t give your best to practice, you can’t possibly play your best at the bout because you didn’t put in the work! And if you have captains/trainers basing rosters off of one make-it-or-break-it practice instead of looking at a player’s whole attendance record, attitude, and skill set, I really have to question their sense/leadership.


    (PS – It was so cool to meet you in Houston! I’m sorry I didn’t get to play against you, but it was a case of listening to the ol’ body that week.)

  2. Great article! I just interviewed a roller derby skater and was surprised by how much practice goes into it. Her opening remark was that Derby is Teamwork and Teamwork is Derby.
    Sounds like you value the teamwork and friendship over everything else. That’s a good attitude to have!

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