A mish mash of mish mosh of Khaos

I’m going to be honest on this one: I’ve been wanting to write a new blog for about a week and there are sometimes where I just don’t feel like typing. Today, I put on my big girl panties and recognized that I have not yet bought voice recognition software, so I must typey typey all my thoughts and tidbits to you.

So what has been going on? What HASN’T been going on!!

First and foremost, the Fit For Summer Online Body Challenge has started … it’s pretty awesome. I have derby and non-derby; local and remote. I have clients new, old and non-clients. I have coaches and those unsure if they want to coach. I have everyone. It’s already been an inspiring and motivational couple of days. We started with the “Gallon/day” challenge as their homework. This is one of my favorites – it really sets up each person with the hydration they need to be successful throughout the whole challenge.

It’s really great to hear everyone moan and cower at the idea of a gallon a day and then three days later they’re singing that their joints don’t hurt. That they had more energy at practice. That they didn’t feel hungry like usual. They may have peed more and they may sweating more than ever … but the benefits far out-weight the temporary side effects.

On a more personal, business front, I have welcomed SIX new VIP clients and coaches in the last two weeks. There are also several others that are interested in becoming a part of my growing team. This all comes out of the push to get my own sponsor to her Millionaire Team cut. We all had our best months ever. We all reached more people than ever before!

With the growth comes a need to grow as a person as well. So in line with that I have decided, finally, on a name for my team… I am leading Team HarderBetterFasterStronger. These are the things I am passionate about helping become. I am passionate about being myself. Plus, the Daft Punk song is a fabulous anthem.

On a personal front, I am partaking in my own fitness challenge. I am going to be focusing on the strength in my legs to support the further recovery of my knee. I’m also going to be concentrating my short burst endurance so that I can keep improving in the jammer spot. We are prepping for our May bouts against Cape Fear, Arch Rival, Chicago Outfit & Kansas City.

I am also personally prepping for the Derby Ink Invitational that will be in Harrisburg April 19-21. I am playing on Team Rogue – a mish mash of flat trackers from Steel City, Dutchland, HARD, Maine, Philly, Rocktown and River City. I am both exceptionally excited … and exceptionally nervous.

And it’s happened yet again. When I blog in pieces it becomes disjointed! So. I guess I should sign off now and do more homework T minus 30 days until graduation. Bring it on.

Oh yea. And this - Rebuild Strength was voted the #1 recovery drink by Triathlete Magazine. Word.
Oh yea. And this – Rebuild Strength was voted the #1 recovery drink by Triathlete Magazine. Word.

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