I love the thoughts that this lady puts out all the time. She is my inspiration to be a better person!

Krissy Krash

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how our iterations with people really shape their experience of life and their experience of who we are. Like have you ever met someone and just not gotten along with them and thought “wow she was such a bitch” and then someone else was like “really? she is like my favorite person ever.” Our experience of people have so much to do whats going on that day, minute, year all mixed together with our thoughts about ourselves, other people, the world. But, what if in a moment you could stop and completely change who you are for someone? This is something the I have really taken away from the Landmark Forum and the Landmark Senior Seminar I am taking right now. Did you know we have the capacity to do this? To be ANYONE we want to be in any given moment.

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