Overcoming Lethargy

I’ve done a series of articles in the past through the Examiner.com site about how to overcome lethargy and it’s a very very difficult thing to do. I wanted to revisit the topic and since I’m sitting here, partially wishing that my practice would be cancelled due to icy conditions, I thought this would be a great time to remind myself to ….


Even if practice were to get cancelled tonight, that would just mean that I would have to go to the gym and get a workout that way. The rules of physics apply to our bodies as much as they do to inanimate objects. A body in motion stays in motion, while a body at rest … you get the picture. You don’t feel like it? TOUGH! There are plenty of people who don’t feel like it and are doing it anyway.

Rule #2: Nutrition nutrition nutrition

Sure you may think that Red Bull is going to make you peppy for the rest of the day, but what happens when you crash out because of the blood sugar drop? The only way to truly fend off lethargy is to have awesome nutrition and keep that carb count LOW. If you’re not taking multivitamins 3 times a day, if you’re not eating protein-intense mini-meals throughout the day, if you’re not drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day… you really need to REBOOT the way you think about your diet!!

Rule #3: Sleep Now

You only slept 5 hours last night? Well no WONDER you’re lethargic! Why are you not sleeping much? If you find that you wake constantly through the night, your mattress, pillows or other support could be in need of updating.

Do you snore? Perhaps your septum is deviated and it’s blocking your air flow.

You just find that you have too much on your mind?  End each day by writing down the five things that you need to do the next day, so that you have a plan when you wake up. Also, creating a daily routine and writing it down can help your nerves tremendously.

You work out super late and are too amped up? Make sure you are doing something for recovery when you’re done your workout, include sugar so that your blood sugar will drop and result in you getting tired. You can also get used to taking some calming herbs like chamomile, valerian root and jujube. (PS Herbalife has some great natural calming remedies that I can attest to their amazingness.)

Rule #4: Positive Thinking

What? Positive thinking? I’m going to ‘ think positively; about not being tired?


By maintaining a good and healthy attitude during everyday life, you will be naturally energized. Haven’t you noticed that happier people tend to have more energy? It’s cyclical! They’re happy because they have energy to use in happiness and they have energy to use because the happiness creates it!

Don’t believe me? For the next 7 days I challenge you to not complain and every time you hear anyone say anything negative, make it a point to move away from their negative energy. For the next 7 days do positive affirmations and be very self-aware. Every time you think anything negative or start to complain, stop yourself in your tracks and say to yourself “I will have a positive attitude.”

Maybe you think it sounds silly, but I have tons of energy thanks to doing all of the things on this list. So… I may be silly, but I can be super productive!
Feel free to leave comments below on what some of your favorite ways are to maintain energy or over come lethargy!!!

3 thoughts on “Overcoming Lethargy

    1. Thanks!! And thanks for reading. I just started up another blog, though it’s pretty sparse right now – Fit2tietheKnot.com, where I’ll be focused on nutrition for brides, grooms, etc. ❤ I was looking through your page for a bit too ::STALKING:: And I love it! I always encourage my clients to blog their journey. ❤

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