2013 Declaration of Goals

Here are the major goals I have for 2013:

I will earn ACTIVE WORLD TEAM by June of 2013. I will sit with my team when I go to Extravaganza in October.


I will book 15 Derbalife Boot Camps for 2013. I already have one in the books. I’m talking to a second league. If you know a derby league that would love an on skates/off skates/nutrition based boot camp developed by the minds behind DERBALIFE – contact me.

I will find the FIVE right people who are excited to change their life. Whether they want to help brides lose weight, assist healthy living in children or focus on sports nutrition – all I need are the right FIVE people to come on this awesome journey of success with me. This business isn’t hard, it just takes some time, patience and legwork.

I will play on the All Star team. Period.

I will attend Rollercon. ECDX. Derby Ink Convention. NE Derby Convention.

I will make it to California and Arizona and Florida.

I will have my own apartment before ECDX.

I will graduate in May, and I will hit Dean’s List for the third semester in a row.

I will do a journal entry every night with 2 successes, 2 things I’m proud of and 2 things to work on the next day.

I will build a strong Herbalife team.

I will never give up. Even when it feels like all hope is lost, and I’ve been beaten again. I will not give up. I am too strong. I am too good. I will finally find success. I’m tired of standing on the precipice of greatness.

2013 better watch out. I’m comin’ for it. Are you comin’ with me?


Contact KristieMGrey @ Yahoo.com for more information on Herbalife programs or starting in the business.

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