November 21 Progress

So… I reached benchmark 1 last week, so I began with other cardio already. That being said, I need to tweak my goals for this week. I also have to consider that I’m at my family’s house all week and they do not have my gym nearby. I am limited to what they have here. So….

  1. Use the elliptical for a total of 60 minutes
  2. Run for a total of 40 minutes
  3. Increase number of reps on right leg by two reps/set on all exercises
  4. Be able to straighten leg completely and walk normally without pain
  5. Complete 60 pushups (cumulatively)
  6. Complete 15 minutes of holding derby position (cumulatively)
  7. Complete 10 minutes of Bosu work (cumulatively)
  8. Complete a Skid Ho “Derby Calisthenics” workout 3 times
  9. Cardio should be done 5 days, strength should be done 3 days

So far here is what I have done:

  1. Logged 50 minutes on the elliptical over 2 days
  2. Ran 25 minutes today
  3. Can straighten leg almost completely without assistance
  4. Completed 40 pushups
  5. Completed 5 minutes of derby position
  6. Completed 5 minutes of Bosu work
  7. Have done 2 Skid Ho Calisthenics workouts
  8. Have done cardio 3 times, strength 2 times.
  9. Can leg press 50 pound with only my right leg
  10. Began lateral motion today with light trials of shuffles, karaoke and replication of skating motion.
Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes

My nutrition has been approximately this:

  1. One Formula 1 shake for a meal & one for recovery
  2. One Beverage Mix per day
  3. One Herbalife Protein bar
  4. A minimum of 120 ounces of water
  5. Herbalife multivitamin, Cell Activator and Thermo-bond
  6. One Herbalife 24 Hydrate
  7. Herbalife Niteworks & Restore before bed
  8. A minimum of 110g of protein throughout the day

I’m excited that my progress is much greater than I expected at this stage in the game! I am excited to start up a Fit Club and begin teaching others again. I’m also excited to help other athletes conquer their own injury with strength and nutrition.

Herbalife has helped so many of us reach our goals!

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