Here’s to health and getting through the holidays!

Yesterday I posted ambitious goals for all to see. Then I scattered around my blog’s link. So I guess I’m stuck now. Today, I post the workout I did yesterday (today I’m taking a rest day), as well as my current measurements, weight and before photos.

This is as tough for me as it would be for anyone else. Mostly because there is an image of me among skaters and friends that I am “made of muscle”… when the pictures actually reveal otherwise. However – I am fixing that.

Weight: 139.5 lbs
Height: 5’3”

CARDIO Time Resis. Miles
Bike (recline) 20 4 5
Bike (upright) 15 4 3.5
Bosu Squat 1min 1min
Bosu Russ Twst 10/20 10/40
Toe Touch 20 10
Toe Touch Obs 20 35
Pilate V Bounce 10 10
Back Extension 10 10 10
UPPER BODY Wt/Rep Wt/Rep Wt/Rep
Chest Press 40/10 40/10 40/10
Shoulder Press 30/10 30/10 30/10
LOWER BODY Wt/Rep Wt/Rep Wt/Rep
Squat Press 150/10 150/10
R Leg Sq Press 40/10 50/10 50/10
L Leg Sq Press 70/10 70/10
Hamstring Curl 30/10 30/10 30/10
Leg Extension 60/10 60/10 60/10
R Leg Bosu Sq 15sec 15sec 15sec
L Leg Bosu Sq 15sec 15sec 15sec

Hm… I feel the need to do a posting about body image in the media … That will be coming soon I believe.

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