When computers have vendettas

First, let me thank Christine Metcalfe and every Speech Team coach I have ever had.

Today was we came to our Advanced PR class to present our pitches for our midterm project. The project: create a media kit for an event, product or organization and then choose a media organization to pitch to. I worked on a media kit for WFTDA.tv and pitched ‘to’ Val Ackerman of ESPNW.

I practiced my pitch. On the school’s network I downloaded and tested my powerpoint and amazing W.F.T.D.A. video. This video is perfect. Perfect for my pitch! I couldn’t believe my luck!

I volunteer to go second since no one else wants to go. The screens were coming down, and as I logged onto the computer, I filled space by starting my pitch. Multi-tasking! I’m so awesome! Talking in public! Yes!

Powerpoint up! Slight hiccups in the process. No biggie. Perfect lead-in: “Why should you cover W.F.T.D.A. Championships and WFTDA.tv? I could tell you, but I’ll let these ladies.”

Nothing. Uh… Reload. Nothing. Try YouTube. Can’t find it. Get on Facebook. Won’t load. The whole time talking. Ok, fine. Chatter. However!! Public Relations class!! HERE IS THE VIDEO:

One thought on “When computers have vendettas

  1. WFTDA.tv hiccuped? Say it ain’t so.

    In other words, ESPNW should cover WFTDA bouts because WFTDA does great at derby and ESPN does great at televising. WFTDA.tv tries, but they’re not nearly the expert that ESPN is.

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