The word brings many connotations to mind: commitment to a cause, to a person or to a moral code. I have noticed recently that our society makes one commitment very difficult – a commitment to ourselves.

We have so many distractions around us. We have so many reasons to not do something – whether it is eating healthy, workout, do homework or spend time with our family. There is always something else we could do. There is always a reason to say, “I’ll check it out”, “I’ll let you know tomorrow”, “I’ll be good starting Sunday”.

The easiest thing to do is to say we are going to commit to something. The hardest thing to do is to follow through with it.

Since I have started my Herbalife journey, there have been a lot of reasons to put off working out or to bust my calorie count. There have been lots of excuses as to why I should have another glass of wine or not care about the Stromboli I am eating.

No more.

Too often I have heard potential health clients say any of the following:

“I really want to do this! Let me ask my husband.”

“This sounds great, I’ll look into it.”

“This information is awesome. Maybe I’ll do it in November.”

This is not about weight loss. This is not about beauty and fashion. This is about your health. The hardest thing to do is to admit that you could be healthier. It is hard to admit that they only thing holding you back is you. You can put up defensive walls all you like, but when it comes to it you have to make the decision for you.

And the commitment is not easy. You may fail. You may struggle. You have to believe you will be successful though. Giving up is not an option. Make the choice to get stronger, or leaner or faster and then do anything you can to do that.

Do squats at your desk. Lunge through your house instead of walking. Plank as you watch commercials. It is the little things that make the difference in the long run. Buy a water bottle and drink water instead of soda. Pack your food for the day instead of buying at the cafeteria.

There are so many ways to be better. The question is not “Can I do it?” the question becomes, “Will I make the choice to improve?”

I didn’t get to pack my food ahead of time for my 13 hour day. So I put everything in an Herbalife bag and am making it as I go.

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