Attention brides and grooms!

I am beginning to attack the bridal market with Herbalife.

Having spent time in the bridal industry previously, I know that there is a lack of personal health and wellness offered for bridal parties and grooms. Everyone thinks about looking great on their big day, but often a membership to LA Fitness just isn’t enough.

I am looking for help building a portfolio!

I am looking for five brides and five grooms who are interested in getting on an Herbalife plan. Those first five of each will get a special opportunity to use the products for an especially discounted rate. In return, I would love to get before and after photos, testimonials and maybe even a bridal blog or two.

Contact for more information on the promotion. Pictures and testimonials will be featured at promotional tables and also on blogs and websites.

Brides and grooms need to have a wedding date of December 10, 2012 or later.

Look fantastic in your dress too!

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