The Excitement of Regionals

Regional action in roller derby is one of the most exciting times of the year. Four tournaments of the best skaters in the United States all crammed into a month. Watching Angel City, Wasatch, Rose City and Rocky Mountain (among others) this weekend is extremely inspirational. It makes me want to move and work out, but I don’t want to leave the laptop on which I am watching the tournament. So I created a workout to go along with it:

Along with the motivation I have found physically today, it makes me excited to Health Coach more individuals. The Big 5 Derbalife Challenge just started and I am still signing up individuals to partake in the contest. Top Derbalife coaches will be providing nutrition and workout help, while I will be providing weekly motivation and nutrition support. There’s a chance to win prizes for bettering your 25 lap time, as well as for the “Look Hotter in Your Hot Pants” contest.

For anyone looking for more information on the contest, or if you are interested in a Health Profile, do not be afraid to contact me at

Be well! Hit Hard! Go Rose City!

To watch “Bay of Reckoning” visit WFTDA.TV

**Does 10 push-ups**

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