Chobani’s quick response

I love Chobani. I have one every day as part of my low carb, low fat, high protein diet. Often, I will eat a plain flavor, but when I want a treat I reach for mango, passion fruit or (my favorite) blood orange.

Today, I found something in my blood orange Chobani. A sharp piece of plastic.



The piece is about as big as it looks .. not very. However, I couldn’t just let it go. So I took this photo and immediately tweeted @Chobani about it.

Then I set a timer.

Within 4 minutes and 30 seconds, a response was tweeted back to me with the proper e-mail address to send a message to. So I sent them a message with the photo. Then I set the timer.

Within 5 minutes, again, there was a response in my inbox. Extraordinary! Chobani truly is the Queen of Social Media and wins at “Best Public Relations Response Time”. They sent me specific instructions on what to do so they can check out their other lot complaints, and also will be sending me coupons.

(I’m not nuts about the fact that I have to send them a self-addressed stamped envelope, but you can’t win all the battles, right?)

So thank you, Chobani. I’m going to have a hard time with fruit on the bottom yogurt for a bit, but at least you’re trying to make it better.

2 thoughts on “Chobani’s quick response

  1. You’re welcome! Please, always feel free to contact us no matter what. We want all of your Chobani experiences to be nothing but good! Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday, friend!


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