Excuse-Free Zone

I’m really tired.

I just had coffee and it’ll upset my stomach.

I don’t have the right shoes.

It’s cold.

It’s hot.

I don’t have sunscreen.

There are a thousand reasons to not workout. Any creative mind can come up with 10 off the top of their head as to why working out at this moment is not going to happen. The excuses need to stop.

I know you are low energy. I know you don’t feel like it. However, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. It’s simple physics. If your body is used to moving, it will desire the exercise, the push and the sweat. If you have just begun your journey into healthy living, you may find days where you need to convince your body to get out of the chair and do those push ups.

Workout buddies are a great way to get you started with your workouts, but when it comes down to it: it’s all on you. You have to make the choice to go to Zumba, to run, to lift weights. Once you are there, it is your decision whether you will work hard or just get by. You are the one that must live with your effort. No one can burn the calories for you. No one can build the muscle for you.

Put in a solid, challenging workout and you will feel sore, yes but you will feel rewarded in the end. I joke that the best part of a good run is when it’s over, but it is not a complete joke. The post-run high that your body gets from the endorphins rushing through your body is indescribable. No drug, no video game can deliver the same effect.

Need some ideas of where to start? Youtube has a plethora of beginner workouts to get you on your feet and moving! Some of my favorites are posted by Bexlife:

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