The First Week Completed

I have successfully completed my first week of my Senior year at Penn State Harrisburg.

Despite a considerably lighter load than past semesters, and more experience with the campus, I still feel a bit lost. In fact, this is the first semester that I do not feel completely in control by the end of the first day (much less the first week).

I am starting a new year, I have started a new job, I have started with a new derby team, I am newly performing with an improv troope and I have started a new sport. Everything is new, and yet there is so much to change and work with that is familiar (living situation, boyfriend, family). Some is good and some is a challenge. The trick will be to balance the demands of class, training and the new job. Especially in living conditions that are less than favorable to studying (ie no internet).

As this semester progresses I hope to become a better writer, a better student, a better comedian and a better athlete. (Not to mention a better person).

Follow my journey as I strive to lose more inches, gain more knowledge and drink 100 oz of water a day. This is Khaos. This is Kristie. This is my senior year.

Until my next senior year.

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